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Out of Context is a guild primarily built for raiding. We have raided several nights a week in the past and during Cataclysm we raided on Friday and Saturday nights. We raided several nights a week early in Mists of Pandaria with many of our players using multiple characters to fill the spot on various nights. As the new wore off from MoP we raided less. We are currently ramping up our activity again by putting together groups for achievments and ledgendary quests. We have always been flexible with our raiders as we understand individual circumstances sometimes prevent them from raiding. We encourage all our members to be active in our raid schedule and often have main raiders sit out to allow other players the opportunity to join. We typically run our raids for 3 hours in the evening. We try to begin our raids at 6:30 PM server and finish by 9:00 PM server. We feel that starts us late enough that most players are finished with work/school and still lets our East coast players log by midnight. We have a lot of good relationships in our guild. Some of our players are married to other guild members and several others have been real life friends for years. We have a group of friends from Canada and group from the mid-west U.S. We also, of course, have some individuals scattered about as well as some military players. Our members range in age from late teens to nearly 60! Most of our members are 25 - 35. We use Ventrilo in our raids and often use it just to chat while we perform some of the more mundane aspects of the game. We record our boss fights and post links to them on this site to help players understand our strategies. While we do use common strategies we are also open to input from our raiders to adapt the plan to our specific circumstances. We use a Raid Leader as the final authority for the particular raid, a Loot Master that uses main spec then off spec rolls to distribute loot, as well as a play caller that calls out anything significant during an encounter. To apply to our guild you will need to have an account with GuildLaunch first. You may create your GuildLaunch account by following the directions after clicking the "Log In" link in the top right of any GuildLaunch page or you will be prompted to create a GuildLaunch account before you begin the application proccess by clicking the link "Apply to Guild" under the Membership heading to the left. If you have any additional questions about applying to our guild feel free to ask. Our General Manager is Fluiddruid. Our Assistant GMs are: Eightykiller and Schokti. Our Bank Admins are Beefiest, Acala, Macabre, Alovan, Sluff, Selkup, Kalimah, Zouyu, and Soldsoul. Our Officers are Braeni, and Dharrkheth. Any of these players should be able to answer any questions you may have.
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